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JCP-0003Jeremy  is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Wedding-bros.com.  He’s the man with the plan.  Jeremy Chou has been a professional wedding photographer since 2009, and has documented weddings all over the world. From Shanghai to Taipei, he has seen it all. Prior to his photography career, he was a practicing architect and was a philanthropist where he single handedly built thousands of orphanages in South African countries with nothing more then a ruler and staple gun. He was also an US ambassador to Kazakhstan, Belize, and parts of Mars (because that’s where men come from).  After being in the wedding photography industry, he realized there was a desperate need to serve the other important person at a wedding; the groom. Therefore, the idea of Wedding Bros was born.  Teaming up with Nathan Nowack, what once was a pipe dream has now become a reality.



NathanHeadshot_smNathan is the Founding Director of Wedding-bros.com and has been involved in the wedding industry since 2007.   Based in Southern California, Nathan has run a successful International wedding photography company and studio based in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.   Prior to his photography career, Nathan helped to produce and program hundreds of DVD’s for the Hollywood industry, all legit he swears.  Happily transferring over to the creative field of photography, Nathan started his company from scratch after selling travel landscapes of wood and dirt.  After literally washing his hands of that, he has since moved on to weddings, where open bars and appetizers put smiles on everyone’s face.  Nathan has now had photos published by the Associated Press and other media sources such as Wired Magazine, Nickelodeon, Junebug Weddings, Utterly Engaged, Rustic Wedding Chic, Jet Magazine, ABC News, KoreAm Magazine, Jet Fete, and more.  He is thankful for this new venture with Jeremy Chou and hopes to continue drinking coffee with him.

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