Engagement ring styles have changed over the years and it is hard to know what’s new for the Average Joe.  In 2002, Jennifer Lopez received a 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck which set the trend.  Yellow diamonds were hollywood-ized by Carrie Underwood in 2009 and continued by celebrities like Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson.  2012’s engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton made the blue Sapphire gem crazy hot in demand.   The question is, “Does any of this matter?”  Well, maybe just a tad.

Traditionally, the Groom picks and pays for the ring, but it might be wise to at least be ‘in the know’.  What’s the big deal about “Micro pavé“?  Is recycled metal the new platinum?  “Asscher“….does that mean you have dry elbows?

Taking my survey from looking through hundreds of Pinterest boards, I’ve found what’s hot out in the market.  Here are 10 examples of what your bride might be dreaming about this year:

1) Rose Gold rings.  Not commonly seen on every day brides’ hands yet, but I foresee a huge demand in the near future.  The reason why your girl likes it so much is because it’s different and feminine.  It makes the fair-skinned girls look rosy and garden-like.  Rose gold rings *POP* against a woman with tan or olive skin tones making their ring even more bedazzling.  Add a pinkish hue diamond or gem, like morganite (bonus: easy on your pockets), and you’ll never hear the end of how stunning her ring is.

Photo and design by Studio 1040

2) Antique-style rings.  Okay not “new”, but not going away anytime soon.  There’s something unique about an antique styled ring.  It’s a chance for women to stay traditional, yet not following the contemporary crowd.  Antique rings are always intricate.  They can have a feel of grand and art-deco, or some may have more of a modern/antique blend.  There is one thing that’s always consistent with these rings…they are a show stopper.  Some fellows who are trying to save for other things might find antique ring financially beneficial.  Historically during the 1920’s Depression, money was tight and people could not afford large carat sized diamond rings.  Instead, they would fool the eye and incorporate detailed metal designs or wrap small diamonds around a not so grand center diamond to make it appear larger.  The tiny diamonds used in the band setting is called “Micro pavé” (meaning paved with diamonds) or “Halo” (meaning small stones surrounding the center stone) for you studious young gents out there.  Funny, we just went through a depression ourselves.  Maybe that’s why they’re so damn popular?

Photo and design by Beautiful Petra

3) Oval and Emerald Cut Rings.  Jennifer Aniston’s oval and Kim Kardashian’s emerald engagement rings make quite a punch in the media.  They have an effect of elongating your lady’s hands and blinding you like a NY Times Square banner. P.S.  These type of cuts are the best cuts for ANY precious stones, and of course diamonds.

Photo and design by Mark Broumand


Photo and design by Mark Broumand

4) Recycled Metal rings.  Are you and your finacée eco-friendly?  Even I was surprised to see that this was popping up on Pinterest, but I think I really like the idea.  The metal used in the band is recycled to create less of a demand for harsh and inhumane mining across the seas.   For you penny-pinchers or nostalgic fiances, you can also recycle some of your old jewelry passed down from Auntie Miriam to make it less expensive and more meaningful.  The below photo is from a very reputable Eco-friendly company called Ken and Dana Design who are known in the fashion world and strutted by celebrities.

Photo and design by Ken and Dana Design

5) The Cushion Cut Diamond.  Also known as the “Pillow-cut”, these babies have rounded edges, larger facets (equals more sparkly) in either a square or rectangular shape.  Albeit, more expensive than a princess or round cut, this is a soft look without taking away the bling…and not many girls will have this kind of cut.

Photo by Martha Stewart

6) The Bejeweled Band.  So instead a centered stone in the traditional engagement ring, some girls are opting for just one big, honky and bejeweled wedding band.  This particular band has brides going crazy on Pinterest and I had to post.  So pretty!

Photo of unknown origin (taken from Pinterest.com)

7) The Pear Diamond.  Your mother may have this exact diamond cut, but trust me, this is coming back.   Pear shaped rings are for the Princesses in the world – Feminine and dainty, yet regal.  If you’ve got a gal like that, see if she’d like a different colored gem hue as well.  After all, this is a girly-girl ring.

Photo and design by RareEarth

8) Flower Shaped Rings.  More and more, I see Flower Power emerging.   It’s cute, dainty, and unique.

Photo and design by Beautiful Petra

9) Decorative Band Settings.  A fancy band setting will spruce up any single diamond.  This will always differentiate your gal’s ring from any one else’s.  Instant originality.

Photo of unknown origin (taken from Pinterest.com)

10) Peach hue gems.  If you browse on Pinterest, it’s just inevitable that you’ll run into a pink-orange, champagne or peach colored engagement rings.  You actually have a few choices to pick from and prices will vary depending on which gem you and your bride choose: Morganite, sapphire (not just blue!), diamonds (rare and expensive), Imperial Topaz, tourmaline, and kunzite.  If your bride works a lot with her hands, make sure to ask your jeweler about durability of each gem.   Wouldn’t want it to get scratched!

Photo and design by Pompeii3, Inc.

So there you have it grooms of the world: 10 engagement ring trends of 2014 via Pinterest.  Again, don’t rush out there and buy any old ring.  Make sure you listen to your soon to be wife, and I tell you…you’ll have a great head start to a wonderful marriage.  Good luck!!


[author image=”http://wedding-bros.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/AllisonLinkedIN_sm.jpg” ]Allison Nowack is an avid fan of all things wedding. Her pinterest boards, reality TV show watching, and of course the time she put into planning her own wedding 3 years ago give her a knowledgable opinion on wedding related articles. Her research and attention to details makes her blog posts top notch reads as you can see above and her volunteered time for our site makes her a very appreciated asset.[/author]

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