So you’ve just had the biggest night of your life, you are now officially married! Your buddies just downed their 10th straight Jägerbomb and you aren’t really sure where you are anymore. But now it’s time to make the grand exit! How do you close out the wedding on a high note? There are many ways to do it, but we believe every wedding should end as spectacularly as it started. Here are the most popular options;

1. Guests line up with sparklers in hand and form a ‘tunnel of love.’

Photo by Chard Photographer

2. EPIC firework/pyro technic display to line up the driveway. Just make sure the fire department is on hand for this one.

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3. If you have the budget for it, go for the killer private firework display! Nothing like setting your wife’s expectations so high on the first day of marital bliss!

Image by Table 4 Weddings

Photo by Table 4 Weddings

4. If sparkler exit is not an option, have the remaining guests (those who are still standing) line up and throw colorful confetti at you guys!

Photo by Holli B. Photography
Photo by Holli B. Photography

Here are the things you need to coordinate when planning a grand exit;

  1. Check with the venue on rules and regulations. Not all venues will allow sparkler exit or other pyro technic displays. Especially if the venue is at a historic site that might not have sprinkler system installed.
  2. If you are going to go big with a fireworks display, make sure you contact local fire department for rules and regulations.
  3. Make sure the guests know to STAY for the grand exit! Communication is key and make sure the grand exit is mentioned in the program otherwise a lot of your guests will leave right after cake is served.
  4. Communicate with necessary vendors and make sure they have enough time to setup. Videographers, photographers, etc.. It will happen faster then you think, so make sure the vendors have plenty of time to capture it all on film!

Have other great ideas? Leave a comment below and share with the bros!


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