Image by Melissa Rae Photography

We all know how stressful planning a wedding could be……for your bride. Many of us bros would rather take a step back and let our girl do all the planning. But those days are OVER. Here at Wedding Bros, we say ‘man up’ and be a part of this exhausting, but yet rewarding process! From establishing  a realistic budget to setting the ideal wedding day timeline, there are many things we can do to help. Melissa Rae with Melissa Rae Photography, a super talented husband & wife wedding photography team from Calgary, Canada, sent us some super awesome suggestions on some of the things a bro can do to be the best groom possible.

Melissa breaks down the wedding duties into a few different categories; Planning, Picking Your Best Man, and Who to Include in Groom’s Speech. During the planning process, Melissa suggests that since 80% of wedding costs will come from 20% of the decisions, the trick is to help your fiancée with the right 20%. That means pitching in on the decision making of the Big Three; The Guest List, The Date, & The Venue. Aunt Sally you haven’t seen in 30 years probably shouldn’t make the cut in order to save some cost. Setting up a realistic budget will help you avoid unnecessary stress down the road!  As far as selecting the best man, Melissa says that most commonly, grooms will select close male friends or brothers, and occasionally it might even be a female friend. Some even choose their own dads! How awesome would that be? For the all important Thank You toast, Melissa says remember to thank the bride’s father; for his kindness and friendship. And most importantly, thank the future father-in-law for that beautiful bride of yours! You can download the full Infograph here.

Image by Melissa Rae Photography

Melissa Rae is a wedding photographer based on Calgary Canada.

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