Hurbert proposal – los angeles arboretum, by Greg Fiske from Greg Fiske on Vimeo.

Surprise Proposal Idea:

Here is an surprise proposal idea that will really impress the love of your life.
Follow the steps below to surprise her with a proposal, then surprise her one more time by playing the proposal at your wedding reception to really get the tears going:

1- Find and awesome location to stage your epic proposal.

2- Contact your local cinematographer and photographer to secretly capture the entire thing. Advances in camera equipment allow them to blend in, and they use long focal lengths to stay hidden.

3- Create a game plan, and prepare for the unexpected. For example, a family standing in the spot that you want to propose at, so you have to improvise.

4- Keep your big secret until the day of the wedding.

5- Share one of the most beautiful moments of your life with your loves ones, and keep the memory of the proposal forever.

Courtesy of Greg Fiske Films –

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