Before heading down the path to wedded bliss (righhtttt)…one of the most important overlooked issues is whether to have a prenuptial agreement. Beyonce may have said “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”, but we say, “if you like us then you shoulda put a signature on it!”This is a difficult subject to broach, and may be best done after liquoring her up- wait maybe that’s NOT not a good idea… So if you are man enough, here are the steps to take to make things easier when discussing this:

1- Bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement, and explain how it could be protective as much for her as for you. This would spell out both parties’ liability and assets. Heck she may be worth more than you, you freeloader!
2- Once the two of you have agreed to have a prenuptial agreement, each of you should interview separate attorneys to find someone who you are comfortable with.
3- Compile a list of assets, property or liability that you would like to carry on your own, or at least keep separate from community property if divorce occurs.
4- Give this list to your attorney so they can draft an agreement for you, and ALWAYS review their work.
5- Don’t procrastinate on this one, Mr. Lazy. In California, the prenuptial agreement must be reviewed and signed at least 7 days prior to the date of the wedding, so you cannot spring this on her at the altar of “Ye Olde Wedding Chapel” in Vegas, right before you act out your vows in pantomime.

[author image=”” ]Ms. Jeang is a the founder & managing partner with Ideal Legal Group. She’s also a pioneer in the most demanding and challenging area of family law: international divorce. She is one of the few attorneys who understands first-hand how to handle the complexities and special considerations of international divorce cases, including the legal, cultural and ramifications. Additionally, Ms. Jeang regularly represents domestic and international companies in business disputes, as well as advises international business owners and executives seeking entrance into the U.S. market on labor, employment, workers’ compensation and contract law.[/author]

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