So the first, and one of the most important jobs on the Groom’s task list is to buy… the engagement ring.  This task can be terribly daunting to a Groom because the questions that run through every Groom-to-be’s mind is, “Will she like it?” or “What if she hates it?”  Terrifying? Of Course.

There will be some brides who will love whatever the Groom gives her.  On the other hand, there will also be many brides who want a say in the ring she will wear forever.   In addition, some brides will not settle for anything but one specific ring.  It is not wrong of your future bride to know what she wants because that is one of the reasons why you love her so much.  Don’t get offended if she doesn’t like your idea.  It’s her hand, a symbol of the woman she is, and most importantly a reflection of your relationship.  Hypothetically, if it were tradition for the bride-to-be to buy her groom a car, wouldn’t you feel a little mopey if she bought you a Pinto?  I mean, it is a gift to symbolize her love for you, so one shouldn’t complain, right?  I didn’t think so.

For many guys, a car symbolizes who they are as a man, just like how many women symbolize their engagement ring.  Every woman will have her own style, and it is up to YOU to know what it is.  Grooms, you don’t need to buy her the Bugatti of rings, just pick the “car” that’s right for her.  Here are 5 ideas you can do to pick the perfect ring for HER:

1) Go ring shopping together and shop until she finds one that light up her eyes.  You’ll know when she finds it.  It’s a magical ‘Ah-ha’ moment.  Make it very clear that you’re not going to propose anytime soon, make up a story how the delivery of the ring is delayed, and then BAM!  Surprise her when she least expects it.  (Note: Pre-emptive ring shopping is not ruining the ‘surprise’.  You’re more than likely talking about marriage already and she is expecting a proposal anyways.)

2) Sneak into her Pinterest account and get a good feeling of what she’s been eyeing.  Make note of the ring shape/cut (Princess, Round, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, Radiant, Asscher, Cushion), the diamond or gem color (colorless or pink/blue/yellow diamonds, Blue sapphires, Red Rubies, Pearls, Emerald, Amethyst, etc.), the type of metal in the band (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold,White Gold, Silver, Palladium, Titanium, or Platinum), the style of the band setting (modern, classic, antique, and what I call, “Glamour Bling”).

3) Buy the biggest and clearest diamond that fits your budget on a simple band.  Reassure her that for one of your landmark anniversaries, you both can pick out the band of her dreams.

4) Buy her an inexpensive faux ring when you propose, then tell her you two are going ring shopping the day of or the next day.  Some faux rings are very convincing!

5) Just ask her.  The communication of marriage should start sometime soon, right?

All of the above attempts on finding her ring will always win you ‘brownie points’ for ages to come.  You were considerate enough to get the ring that she wants and all of her family and friends will pat you on the back for it.

Photo by Nathan Nowack Photography



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