Here at Wedding Bros, the BEST wedding blog for men, we have showcased many surprise wedding proposals. From proposing while jumping out of an airplane to a customized children’s book.  Who said men can’t be romantic, huh?  Well, we all know that one of the biggest days to ask those famous four little words, “Will You Marry Me” is coming up on Valentine’s day!  Many of us will be asking our girls to be our lifelong partners (cue the awwwww). Would you want to have it documented and be memorialized forever and ever, and even your grandkids can see what a romantic guy you once were? OF COURSE YOU DO! 

Well, you are in luck. One of our Bro List vendors, Stealth Shooter, who specializes in capturing surprise proposals is giving our readers a Valentine’s Day discount!  Stealth Shooter will be offering 25% off their services for the first two lucky readers who contact & book their services! Stealth Shooter is headed by a very talented wedding photography Kate with Kate Noelle Photography out of Irvine, CA. She has captured many surprise proposals and will make sure she documents your surprise proposal so you can relive it for years to come. And your future wife will also be able to use it against you to remind you how romantic you USED to be. Win win for everybody!  Visit the website for more information!


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