What are the Top 3 places to honeymoon?
We get asked this all the time.  Are there really a top 3?  The world has so many possibilities.  Bora Bora, Hawaii and the Caribbean are probably the top 3 destinations for honeymooners from the US.  They are great places, but this is supposed to be your one and only honeymoon, so why not make it even more memorable.  How about Thailand where you can ride on elephants, explore ancient temples, eat like royalty and lounge on some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.  Or an amazing once in a lifetime safari to some of the most beautiful small lodge on the Africa delta.  Or jet off to the Maldives or the Seychelles for the ultimate beach honeymoon with more culture and adventure than your typical Hawaii or Bora Bora trip.  The possibilities are endless, but having a good travel advisor help you is invaluable.

Should I surprise my fiancé with the honeymoon destination?
Umm, no.  Surprise your fiancé with a great little gift related to the honeymoon or an excursion on your trip, but the whole honeymoon?  That’s a recipe for disaster.  They will want to be a part of the planning, after all it’s their once-in-a-lifetime too.  You should both have input in what you want to do on your honeymoon.  And plus, they have to know what to pack!

How should I prepare for my honeymoon?
First of all, start planning early.  Many places that are popular honeymoon spots fill up months in advance during certain times of the year.  So once you have the date of your wedding set, start thinking about the honeymoon.  And then contact a reputable and respected travel agent to help you.  Yes there is the internet, but it can’t give you first-hand knowledge of places, recommendations for better things to do, added perks like free breakfast and spa treatments, and more.  If there are places you’ve always wanted to go, start with those places as options.  First plan the big things, like plane tickets and resort bookings.  Once those are done, you can plan restaurant reservations, spa treatments, excursions, guides, etc. as the trip gets closer.  But again, have a travel agent do it for you, their fee is going to be well worth the time they will save you and the added amenities they can get you.

Should I leave directly after the wedding for my honeymoon?
Well, this is really up to you.  The day after the wedding is ideal or the next day, but I wouldn’t wait any longer than that.  You’ll come off of the high of your wedding day, so keep it going with the excitement of leaving for a once in a lifetime trip.

Is a Honeymoon Cruise a good idea?
In my opinion, no.  Your honeymoon is about having a romantic adventure with your new spouse.  Do you really want to share that with 1,000 other people that you’re stuck on a ship with?   Yes you can have your own suite, but it is still right next to a bunch of other rooms.  And you’ll be dining with a lot of other people instead of a few other tables at a nice resort.  I wouldn’t want to share my honeymoon with that many other people.

Are all Inclusive Honeymoon resorts worth it?  If so, which ones?
It really depends on where you’re wanting to go.  Honestly, any beautiful five star resort can give you an amazing honeymoon, no need to feel like you’re just one of hundreds of other people on their honeymoon at the same resort that is specific to honeymoons.  There are some great all inclusive resort though in amazing locales like the Maldives, Zanzibar Island, the Riviera Maya and more.

How much should I budget for an awesome honeymoon?
That is a tough question, it depends on where you want to go, the level of resorts or hotels you want to stay at, and what you want to do at your destination.  Your best bet is to consult a travel professional and give them some guidelines on how much you have to spend.  They can then make suggestions based on your budget of places that would fit.  I don’t think I would budget any less than $6000 on the honeymoon if you have it, remember, this is only supposed to happen once in your life.  If you can do more, great.  We’ve done trips costing anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000.  And remember that you will usually end up spending more than your budget, so build a little cushion in.

[author image=”” ]Jason Couvillion, partner at the Bruvion Travel, gives you his answers to the top most asked honeymoon questions. Bruvion is a luxury travel management company specializing in comprehensive leisure trips, music tours and celebrity travel. Between Jason, the 2 other partners and their employees, they have covered most of the globe and have first-hand expertise in planning amazing, memorable adventures.[/author]

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