Tipping can always be a tricky subject as many brides and grooms don’t know whether or not they should or shouldn’t.  Some vendors expect it, others are completely fine without it.  But it usually comes down to the groom’s responsibility at the end of the night, so you wanna make sure you have it in order before your vendors start leaving.  Sometimes this duty is passed onto a best man or maid of honor.  But a lot of time, the groom has the envelopes ready.  Remember to get this handled before the wedding day, meaning, have envelopes already created with vendor names or have some 20’s, 50″s, or 100’s ready to throw out like a superstar.  Promising them you’ll mail them a thank you and a check is nice, but far too often gets forgotten.  Tipping shows appreciation just like any service out there.  Why has it become customary to tip a bartender $1 to open a beer, but you don’t tip a videographer after they’ve just captured the most important videos of your life?  Yes, it’s important but also completely up to you on the amount.  Talk it over with your bride, and if your service was top notch as expected, say thank you and let them know you mean it.   5-15% of their service price would be customary, or 25% if you’re trying to convince the photographer to lose those photos of you spilling a beer on your mother in law while dancing.  🙂

Photo By Nathan Nowack


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