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We all know that gift giving can be one of the hardest things to plan for when speaking of your significant other.  But rest assured, we here at Wedding-Bros are not going to keep you hanging.  However, please remember that our ideas are just opinions and that the best gift for your bride, is the one that comes from you.  So please, make it personal between the two of you and as you are the only one who knows your bride best.

These gifts do not need to be super expensive and they probably shouldn’t be “part” of the wedding like telling her the honeymoon is your gift to her or even saying that the engagement ring was your gift.  Come on now.  But you could always give her something for the honeymoon, like a spa day or a new tablet to read on the plane.  But again, here are a few options and ideas that might help you start brainstorming to get your bride to be the perfect wedding gift.

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Top 10 Wedding Gifts for your Bride:


  1. Jewelry – Whether it be earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or something special that she’s been eyeing, a nice piece of jewelry can definitely make her and her brides maids go oooohhhh!!  You’ll see this as a recommendation on pretty much every website out there.
  2. A Surprise Video – Remember our blog about the secret proposal video, well maybe this is the time to give it to her.  Or maybe you want to make your own video telling her how much you love her and can’t wait to get married.
  3. Custom Engraved Item – Maybe a picture frame,  jewelry, or even engraved items from that store in the mall.  Whatever the item, a custom message with your wedding date and names is always a great personalized traditional gift.
  4. A Painting of a Photo – Canvas recreations of photos are excellent gifts from engagement sessions or moments from your lives.  Or maybe even an original paintings to recreate something or an image from where you’ve been or were together.   Check Etsy or online artists, there are plenty of them out there.
  5. A Name Collage Photo – Alphabet Photos are really popular these days, and one with your last name and wedding date would definitely be a cool idea.  Check on Etsy, there are plenty of options out there.
  6. Custom Sign – If a Painting or Photo isn’t your thing, what about a custom sign with your names and est. date.
  7. Poem or Book – Does she like to read, does she love poetry?  Maybe create something for her from the heart.  Does she have a favorite classic book that maybe has a first edition signed by the author?
  8. Shoes – Well, this might be a tough one, but as we all know, women love shoes.  So if you’re wife to be is one of those, then maybe a nice pair of Jimmy Choos or Badgley Mischkas are the thing for her.
  9. A New Car – Hey, we don’t know how baller you are, but some guys might want their girl cruising around in a new Mercedes or hot new SUV.  Whatever the case, make sure it’s in her color.
  10. Something Tech Related – Does she need a new camera?  A Phone?  Or maybe a new tablet with photos of your engagement session on it.  You could also add on a designer case for it by Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, or Coach.


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