Where would you like to honeymoon?  Sunny and Beaches, Historic structures in Italy or Greece, maybe Wine and cheese in Napa, Exotic Caribbean locations, Cruises, or maybe even an adventurous tour through Costa Rica.  Whatever your honeymoon destination, the main focus is to celebrate the marriage of the two most important people in your lives, each other.  It’s a time to relax, or explore, have fun, but not stress.  This is the time when all the wedding details and planning is over.  When you are enjoying the free complimentary upgrade somewhere, or free glass of champagne.  Your honeymoon, will be amazing, so make it a good one.

With that said, there are so many choices of places to go.  Here are our top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in no particular order.  Feel free to see some of the other travel and news sites suggestions down below.

Bora Bora – Tahiti:
You really can’t go wrong when you’re talking about secluded islands with crystal clear blue water, overwater bungalows with glass bottoms, French Cuisine, and excursions where you can swim with sharks and stingrays.  Yes, Bora Bora has some amazing features to it that are typically couples #1 choice.  What prevents most people from going, is the cost.  With limited airlines heading there, the ticket prices usually range around $1300 a person.  Then with prices of food on the island being fairly expensive as most of it is flown in from France, that ups the price as well.  But for these beautiful resorts, the prices are definitely worth it for some, as you can have your own pools, diving docks, and all the beach time you’d want.  A relaxing time in paradise with some of the most amazing waters I’ve ever seen.

Photo By Nathan Nowack

Hawaii – Maui & Kauai:

Some people have been to Hawaii on vacations and family trips.  But to make it a special honeymoon destination, means it has to be somewhere more exotic then just the high rises of Honolulu.  So this is where the islands of Maui and Kauai come in. With each of these islands being more traditional without tall buildings and highways, our recommendation is surely one of these.  We’ve been to both islands and their local restaurants, luaus, and peaceful resorts make it a prime honeymoon destination.  Rent a convertible and drive up the coasts.  Take a tour at a plantation, or visit the top of the Haleakala volcano for an awesome sunrise setting.  But don’t forget your jacket, it’s Hawaii, but it’s the top of a volcano at 5AM.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  On Kauai, the garden island shows it’s greenery and peaceful locations, with tons of golfing, snorkeling, and even a drive up the famous Waimea canyon to the wettest spot on earth.

Photo of Maui Westin Resorts


Who wouldn’t want to look at Roman ruins, float down canals, and eat pasta and pizza all day.  I sure would.  This awesome destination is a famous spot for honeymooners as it’s food, wine, and scenic value are amazing.  Such history in it’s major city tours and of course western coasts with it’s famous Cinque Terre views.  Pisa, Rome, Milan, Nice, and Naples, would all be places I’d love to see someday.  Just beware of the pick pocketers and purse cutters.  I hear they can get pretty sneaky.

Photo By Jared Crawford
Photo By Jared Crawford


Romance is their middle name.  On top of that you have the culture of Paris and it’s famous buildings surrounding you at all times.  How could you skip this beautiful city with photo ops on every corner.  The museums are surely the biggest hits, but I would love to be there just for the cafe’s and peaceful hidden streets.  For a honeymoon, this is still going to be a big city with lots of things to see and do.  I would also recommend taking a few outside excursions.  Maybe some wine country tours, or bike rides somewhere.  Definitely take your time here and enjoy!


Greece – Santorini:

The minute you see the houses built along the cliffs of Thira or Oia and the beautiful waters and sunsets in the backgrounds, you won’t want to leave.  White buildings upon white buildings, back lit with one of the top 5 best Sunsets in the world.  This is an amazing place, and it can’t be missed.  On top of the beautiful location and housing, the food there is amazing.  Fish, Octopus, Souvlaki meet pitas and french fries, and of course their traditional Greek “Horiatiki” salad with tomatoes, cucumber, feta, and olives.  Resorts line the hills with plenty of private pools and amazing family owned businesses.  A peaceful place indeed.  Make sure to spend a few days in Athens to visit the Acropolis and local streets surrounding it.

Photo by Nathan Nowack


Photo by Nathan Nowack

Las Vegas:
Not many people would recommend Vegas for a “romantic” getaway.  I guess it’s the bachelor/bachelorette party history that really draws attention to this party town.  But in fact, there are plenty of very romantic things to do here.  First off, they have the amazing resorts like Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, and Cosmopolitan.  With those awesome locations on the strip with huge suites and spa treatments, you could be relaxing away your gambling losses.  Now the food, yes, plenty of places to get reservations at and spend $80 on a steak.  So why not, it’s your honeymoon.  See a show, skydive, sit by the pool all day, go to a comedy club, and just have fun.  There is definitely no limitations to that.  Just try to focus on your new wife though, and not the dice flying across the table to a scantily clad cocktail waitress.


Photo by  Tomasz Wagner
Photo by Tomasz Wagner

Playa Del Carmen:
Can you say all-inclusive resorts?  Yes, I thought so.  Well this place has them.  Big, water park like resorts, with food, spas, and more.  Add the fun excursions around Playa and you’ll be ready for some fun.  Food, massages on the beach, and volleyball.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Get a couples sunset horse ride, or stroll on the beach.  Playa has it’s share of awesome resorts and it’s all up to you and your travel agent to pick one.  And yes, at those places, the water is safe to drink.


Not too far from Tahiti, this also amazing location is a hot spot for honeymooners who want the beach relaxation treatment.  Beach villas, hammocks, and amazing tropical food and drinks.  Yep, you’re gonna be one lucky couple soon.

Photo by  Paul D'Ambra
Photo by Paul D’Ambra

St. Lucia:

There is probably a lot more to St. Lucia then Sandals all inclusive resorts.  But since I’ve never been, all I can say is convenience.  I hear they even have villas with private butlers.  Views of the mountains and beautiful Caribbean waters off in the distance.  All the food you can eat at their many pools.  And golfing, scuba, and other fun activities all around you.  All for one easy price package.  Score!


New York:

The big apple is for those who love the city.  Siteseeing, shopping, shows, and lots and lots of food.  Just cause you’re not in some exotic location outside of the US doesn’t mean you won’t shell out a few pretty pennies for a hotel in Manhattan.  In fact, some of those places will cost just as much.  Times Square has lights and shows, so make sure to find one that fits your styles and get tickets early.  Don’t bother renting cars, the cabs are plentiful.  Make sure you get a few recommendations of places to eat, cause there are a lot of them.  But if you end up in Little Italy eating spaghetti together on the same noodle, don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Photo by Ben Fredericson

Costa Rica:

Exotic and beautiful, Costa Rica has many things to offer as well and not too far from California.  The weather is warm, the nature is abundant.  I personally would recommend staying down in the Oso Peninsula.   When I went down there, we had an all inclusive resort with bungalows with amazing views, a chef that cooked for 15 people only, and plenty of fun activities to do.  We went to Caño island and when I first stepped foot on the beach, I noticed the entire beach was moving with hermit crabs.  Amazing!  Monkeys were flying through the trees, frogs were crooking in the bushes, and coconuts were falling from trees.  I saw a few giant spiders too, so be careful if your wife has a fear of those.  I also hear the Gulf of Mexico Coast is nice as well, so definitely search around for locations.  But if you like exotic nature, this is definitely the spot for you.

Courtesy of Lapa Rios
Courtesy of Lapa Rios


I hope you enjoyed our list of 10 awesome Honeymoon destinations.  I know everyone has their opinions, so please feel free to leave your comments below of your favorites!!

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