Weddings. The once in a life time event. Everybody dreams of the perfect wedding where nothing goes wrong; flowers are blooming, humming birds are chirping, and there’s a unicorn running in a field right underneath the magical rainbow. But the reality is that sometimes things do go wrong at weddings. Very wrong.  Disasters can happen before the wedding, or even worse, on the day of your wedding.

According to one of the leading insurance provider, Traveler’s Insurance, many couples get insurance for the following popular reasons;

1. Unexpected weather.  Let’s say that beach wedding you had planned in Florida, all of a sudden gets hit with the biggest hurricane of the season. Wedding insurance would cover the cost of the postponement of your wedding.

2. Vendors going out of business & lost deposits.  Even if you do your homework and check out your vendors before booking them. Anything can happen within the time from booking until the day of your wedding. If the vendors go out of business, unfortunately there goes your deposit. Wedding insurance would cover the loss of deposit, and allow you to book another quality vendor.

3.  Unexpected illness. Let’s face it, things happen. What if you get sick right before the wedding and everything has to be postponed? Or worse, get into a major car accident and will need months & months of recovery time?  For most venues, you will lose anywhere from 50% of your deposit to the full amount!

There are many other scenarios you might need insurance for, but haven’t thought of.  For example, you can purchase additional insurance to cover the gifts!  If your gifts somehow get stolen or damaged while at the wedding, this particular insurance will cover the cost for either repair or replacement. Hellooo dinner china sets we will never use again!  You can even get specific coverage for tuxedo & wedding gowns in case of damage or theft, or even jewelry.  The drunk uncle from Texas you haven’t seen in 20 years? There is ‘liquor liability insurance’ you can purchase as well! According to Traveler’s insurance’s website, this insurance coverage can protect you “if an accident is caused by an intoxicated guest at the event site.” Cheers!

What if your photographer or videographer lose their images & footage? There is an insurance for that as well. It will cover the cost to reconvene your wedding party to take new photos! Say Cheese x 2! Perhaps the most important insurance you can purchase would be the property damage insurance. In case your best man gets drunk and decides it would be an awesome idea to throw a chair through the window. This insurance will cover up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage against property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury! Since the average wedding cost in the US is right around $27,000, it makes a great choice to insure this once in a life time event. But hopefully you will never have to make a claim for it!

Got a story to tell us where you wish you HAD purchased insurance? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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