When the big day rolls around, everyone wants to look their best, including the groom. Many guys are walking into our studio looking to drop a little extra weight to make that tux fit perfectly and look like a million bucks. Nothing makes a tux look better than a good V-shaped torso (wide shoulders tapering to a narrow waist). No matter what shape you find yourself in today, here are a few tips and easy changes you can make in the last few months leading up to the big day to help you maximize your “V”.

1. Lose the booze. Look, I know, I know. Its football season, your bachelor party, the series finale of Breaking Bad. I get it, but nothing holds weight in your gut better than alcohol. The excess empty nutrients and sugar associated with every tasty mind numbing drop are eventually stored as fat. Alcohol will also leave you dehydrated which will increase your body’s natural defense system; i.e. storing fat. That’s a double whammy and most guys will store it all in their gut. So let’s trim the “U” to a “V”. Increase your water intake daily (drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day) to ensure that your body is properly hydrated and running efficiently. Then on those few occasions when drinks are necessary, stick to liquor and soda water (vodka/soda,  whiskey/soda, etc) to keep your hydration level from plummeting, and as a side bonus, decrease any hangover. This one change will leave your waistline looking and feeling smaller.

2. Squeeze your shoulder blades. We just tackled shrinking the waist, but there’s no magic trick to widening your shoulders. However, good posture will keep them up and back, making them as wide as possible and maximizing your “V”. When in the gym, put a big focus your back, especially the rhomboids, lats, and rear deltoids (Rows, Lat Pull Downs, Rear Delt Fly) to add some strength. Don’t forget to stretch your chest as well. 50% of most people’s posture problems is the fact that their chest muscles are too tight and theses muscles constantly pull the shoulders forward giving them a “hunched-over” stance. Keeping your chest loose will allow you to pull your shoulders up and back and keep them there without fighting your other muscles. Finally, work your planks. Everyday. A solid core will keep your torso straight again making it easier to stand up straight, emphasize your “V”, and give your tux the dimension it was cut for.

3. Join in on the yoga. This one has a three pronged affect. First of all, if your future wife is already into yoga, this gives you an opportunity to take an interest in something she loves and spend some much needed time together away from wedding planning. Second, de-stress man! Wedding planning is stressful on everyone, including you. Take some time to let it all go, sweat your arse off, burn some calories and meditate. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel afterward. Finally, work on your flexibility. Look, a few weeks of yoga sessions isn’t going to turn you into a human pretzel, but it will help loosen you up. As I pointed out in tip #2, tight muscles can often be the cause of many postural issues. Getting your body to loosen up will allow you to feel more comfortable standing up straight so you don’t look like a mannequin. Wide shoulders and a narrow waist won’t matter if you’re slouching.

So keep the water flowing, keep your shoulders pinned back and stand up straight and relaxed. These three changes will help you keep your mind right, keep your body running properly, and make you look like a freakin’ secret agent in that tux. Above all though, keep your timeframe in mind and make healthy, realistic goals. That and always order your martinis shaken, not stirred. Cheers!

[author image=”http://wedding-bros.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Michael-Marsico-match-fitness.jpg” ]Michael & Virginia Marsico Owners of Match Fitness and Lift Strong, Love Strong, Be Strong www.liftlovebe.com Fullerton, California[/author]

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