We’ve all seen the custom groomsmen gifts of flasks, money clips, glasses, and more.  There are a lot of items out there that you can get for your bros that really say thank you for being a part of my wedding. And then there are some gifts you can give that say, Here ya go Bud, this is all I could find.

First off, you need to decide a budget.  How much are you going to spend for each groomsmen.  I’ve seen anywhere from $50 a person to a $350 mini iPad.  Then you need to determine is it personalized or not.  Well then make sure you order WAY in advance and not waiting until 2 weeks before your wedding.  Do you want a fun theme, like travel, golf, drinking, poker?  These are your closest friends, you should know them best.

Below we wanted to show you a few different ideas.  Maybe it will get your mind rolling on what to look for as there are tons of things online at Etsy, Amazon, and even a few other groomsmen gift pages specifically for the guys.  Please leave your comments and suggestions down below if you have other ideas or have seen more interesting items!

Custom Whiskey Bottle Flasks. High End Whiskey inside and you’re done. – $28.50 on Etsy


Custom Make your own Whiskey Barrels. – $59



Custom Cigar Cutter – $20



Mansteel Mancard Bottle Opener – $10



Custom Steel Luggage Tags – $20
Custom Leather Briefcase – $209



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