Shoe-ChartWhen it comes to your wedding day attire, many grooms will spend a majority of their time picking out the right tuxedo or suit, pay every detail on what type of lapel, cuffs, collars, etc.. But they forget one of the most important accessories, THE SHOES! They will take the standard patent leather shoes that every tuxedo shop gives out. Unless you are carrying a tuba and marching in the 4th of July parade, we here at Wedding Bros says NO. There are many types of shoes to choose from and it all says different things about you.  For weddings, you will usually choose between these three types of shoes; Boots, Lace-ups, & Loafers. And if you are insisting on wearing your dad’s band shoes for your wedding. click on this link right here for more advice.   We have also seen some stylish grooms & groomsmen wear matching Converse sneakers. Which adds a fun twist to the outfit.

According to Esquire Magazine, there are 5 basic choices for men’s dress shoes;

  1. Wingtips
  2. Loafers
  3. Monk Straps
  4. Cap Toes/with lace ups
  5. Boots

For example, wingtips are perfect with a fall suit, especially in flannel and tweed. And you like a traditional lace up? Try it with a cap toe. The extra piece of leather design detail at the tip of the toe will kick (get it?) your style up a notch. The classic black lace-up is always a safe bet.  Now if you are not sure what color of shoes to match your suit, we got you covered, too. According to Business Insider (they know their stuff), here’s the best combination for suits & shoes.

  1. Navy Blue Suits – black, brown, red, or burgundy shoes.
  2. Medium and Light Grey Suits – black, brown, red or burgundy shoes.
  3. Brown Suits – brown shoes, red or burgundy shoes
  4. Charcoal Grey Suits – black, burgundy shoes
  5. Black Suits – black shoes.
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It looks like this group of dudes got it all right! Way to go guys!

*feature image courtesy of Val Messer Photography

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