Most men don’t know anything about flowers, let alone how to pin one on.  This usually becomes the job of the wedding planner or florist.  But many times, those individuals aren’t around.  Knowing how to pin one on your fellow groomsmen or even the groom himself is a great skill to have.  I’ve even seen some florist with magnet boutonnières, where no blood is spilled.  Fairly clever idea if you’re willing to spend the little extra cash.  In the end, make sure your flowers carry on with the same theme.  And in the end, having a backup or two might be a good idea for after you do your famous back flip grand entrance. Here’s a great little video from Chicago based florist, Pollen Floral Design about how to correctly pin boutonnières without stabbing grandma in the face when she gives you a big grandma hug.

There are also many different types of boutonnières that are popular. Succulent, pin wheels, and other customized boutonnières are also great options. The days of wearing prom style boutonnières are gone! Work with a talented floral designer to come up with a design that will greatly tie in with the theme of your wedding. Having a rustic outdoorsy wedding? Burlap, succulents will be a great option. Pin wheel designs will work well with a fun, perhaps carnival themed wedding. Having a Cinderella themed wedding? You are on your own for that one bro!

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