Are you a Trojan (no, not that, the university) fan? Then you will LOVE this wedding! This fun wedding featuring the USC Marching band was sent to us by Brian Leahy Photography, based out of Santa Monica, CA. This classic California beach wedding was held at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Hotel in Huntington Beach. Heather & Blake both went to USC and are huge trojan fans. So it’s only fitting that they got the marching band to play at their wedding! The groomsmen even took their portraits riding beach cruisers on the lawn, how cool is that? Thanks again to Brian Leahy Photography for submitting this awesome wedding, and congratulations to Heather & Blake!

From the Groom –

1. What were your duties as the groom?

My first job was the liquor and then the food. Heather had a say, but she is a really picky eater and I wanted more than baked chicken and veggies.  So, I had the final word on that.  I was also in charge of the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon.I also had veto power on some of the decorations and the music.  Aside from that it was her wedding to plan and I was just told where to be and when.

2. What was your favorite part about the wedding?

The rehearsal dinner.  It was more intimate and had just our family and closest friends.  It also gave me one last opportunity to spend time with just my guys.  After the rehearsal dinner was over, my groomsmen and my Dad, as well as a few of the husbands of the bridesmaids (and a couple of the bridesmaids, too) stuck around and smoked cigars and drank scotch.  It was almost like a second bachelor party as we were able to just shoot the shit and have fun.

3. How did you pick your groomsmen and best man?

I have a big family, so choosing the first few groomsmen was easy.  I have 4 younger siblings, 3 of which are brothers.  The oldest of which was my best man, the other two were groomsmen.  From there I had my 3 best friends, whom I have known since I was in elementary school.  Next, I had one of my best friends from college and one of my pledge brothers.  The final groomsman is like a brother to my wife, and has become a really good friend of mine.

4. How did you propose to your wife?

My wife and I were both in law school when I proposed.  We were finishing up finals before winter break and I had finished my finals a day before she did and set up a lunch with her dad while she was taking her last final of the semester. After getting the go ahead from her father I went and picked up her Christmas present, a Michael Kors purse.  I was leaving for a trip with my family in a couple days and so was giving her her present that night.  I placed the ring inside the phone pocket of the purse and wrapped it up for her.  A quick side note, my wife is very nosy and hard to surprise, so getting her after her final was the best way to catch her off guard After she got home from her final I sat her down and gave her her present.  I was lucky that she was so exhausted from her final because I was being very weird  as I prepared to pop the question.  As she was opening her present, I walked around to the side of the couch and got down on one knee as she found the ring inside the purse.  I said something that I don’t quite remember because I blacked out, but I know it ended with “will you marry me?”.

My hands were shaking as I put the ring on her finger and she looked at the ring, looked at me, and then back at the ring before responding with, “really? are you sure? is this real life?”  After we both settled down, I finally got a “Yes!” and we called both our parents to share the news.

Photography: Brian Leahy Photography
Venue: Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach  –
Coordinator:  Holly Schoenke, Simply Sweet Weddings & Events  –
Florist: Lifetime Weddings & Events  –
Hair/Makeup: Flawless Faces   –
Videographer: Vantage Point Productions  –
DJ: KC Campbell, Vox DJ’s  –
Cake: Rossmore Pastries  –
Lighting: Pacific Event Lighting  –
Officiant: Zak Nazarian  –
Rentals: Fusion LinesDesigner Specialty Linens  –

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