We loved Chelsey & Brett’s rustic wedding from Chard Photographer! Hard to believe but this gorgeous wedding took place in the bride’s parents backyard. This wedding has horses, vintage truck, and good ‘ol backyard BBQ vibe, all captured brilliantly by CHARD Photographer. Not sure what more you can ask for!  Check out the full gallery here.

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1. What part of the wedding did you actively participate in?

As a groom, my duties included: showing up to the wedding, not messing up my vows, making sure all the groomsmen arrived on time and were there before the wedding started, relax and enjoy the moment, make sure that my bride to be had her photographer that se wanted, the DJ that she wanted, that she was able to have a stress free and relaxing evening for her big day.

2. Which part of the wedding did you enjoy the most?

As a groom, I particularly enjoyed the first dance part of the wedding

3. How did you pick your groomsmen and best man?

My closest friends from over the years just called them up and asked if they would be in my groom party. My best man was my brother so that was a no brainer.

4. How did you propose to your wife?

A group of 11 of us went to Disneyland on December 19th a week after my (at the time) girlfriend got home from medical school. I was a mess the whole car ride there especially since I was driving didn’t want anything bad to happen or leak out and say something stupid. But we made it safely then we had to wait for our other friends to arrive who had gotten our tickets since he worked for Disney and that just delayed the nerves a whole bunch as my stomach was churning inside with butterflies. But we got in and we made a bee line for the enchanted castle which is where I wanted to propose to her, so we go by the wishing well and one of my friends finds a camera girl to catch all the photos this is when my soon to be wife starts to suspect something so as she turns around to ask a question to all of our friends “hey what’s going on” I get down on one knee in front of the wishing well as ask her to marry me, before I could even finish asking she cut me off mid sentence and said yes.

Photographer: CHARD Photographer
Catering: http://www.stonefiregrill.com
Guys’ clothing: http://www.friartux.com
Guys’ ties: http://www.cheap-neckties.com
Dress: http://www.tobridalcollection.com
Bridesmaids’ Dresses:    http://www.modcloth.com
Venue: Private Residence in Los Angeles

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