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Remember the video we posted about Colin Bennett and his epic Bachelor Party. Well they did it again, this time, for their friend Dana Saint. When these guys decided to throw a bachelor party, they don’t just do it half ass, they do it right. WOW!!! Done on July 26,

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Remember that time you planned an epic wedding proposal and it took you 17 months?  Well Levy and Tiffany had that moment recently as Levy planned his epic proposal day to Tiffany.  With friends and family helping out, this event was….well….epic as we said.  Get some tissue and watch as

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Does your fiancé love Disney?  Does she want to be surprised?  Well then take a look at what Perspectives Photo + Cinema did in New Zealand for Mat and Kylie for his proposal.  You might wanna bring some kleenex too.  Kind of makes you wish you lived in New Zealand

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How did Colin Bennett’s friends celebrate his Bachelor Party?  Well pretty darn Epicly if we do say so ourselves.  This is why we wanted to showcase Gnarly Bay’s video of HOW TO THROW A BACHELOR PARTY as one of our first Videos on our blog. HOW TO THROW A BACHELOR

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