As wedding photographers, we also see a lot of videos these days.  On top of using photographers photos for printed save the dates, we have also seen a trend in sending videos to your friends, family, and maybe just to be a little bit different.  Here are our top 5 choices because we decided to do 5 instead of top 10 as the videos are sometimes longer and very elaborate.  Enjoy!  And if you have your own selections or finds, please post them below or email us a link!!

BAMBO + JANICE – This has epic production value, and I’m not just saying that cause it was shot on a RED EPIC camera.

KATE + RICH – Puppets and funny voices, hilarious.  The English accents make it even better!

ANGELA + JERRY – A Cute and Simple Animation, very clean and well done.

S + K – Stop Motion Save the Date with some cute effects and music.

BRETON +  KYRIELEA – Are you into suspenseful movie trailers, horror films, or maybe just a really cool video effect, then check this one out.


Stay tuned for our next list, Top 5 Pop Culture Themed Wedding Videos/Save the Dates.  These pay tribute to a variety of movies, tv shows, or even a music video.

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